ethiopia.com.au is excited to bring you a range of beautiful jewellery directly from Ethiopia and other parts of Africa, and jewellery we have created using African Trade Beads sourced from across the African continent.

We  have one of the largest collections of African Trade Beads in Australia. Our rare glass beads came from Venice and Bohemia in the period 1880-1920, and were traded into Africa in exchange for gold and other commodities, and then used as currency across the north of Africa. Many made their way into Ethiopia.

Below is a selection of our necklaces using a mixture of these African Trade Beads, old and new silver, and some new Czech glass.  Necklaces and earrings can be made to order from our range of these superb old beads.  We also have a complete range of necklaces made from all the recognised birthstones for the 12 months of the year. They will appear together with our extensive range of trade beads and trade bead necklaces in August.

Cherry red amber &  old silver   Yellow amber & old silver   Red eye beads & Ethiopian silver   Millefiori & Vaseline beads with sterling silver
Fabulous blue 6-layer chevron   Green watermelon chevrons & silver   French Cross beads & old Gondar cross   Old Harar silver & trade beads
West African brass & glass, 4 millefiories   Fabulous red amber & Ethiopian red eye beads   17 millefiori beads & red whiteheart beads   new red feather beads & vaselines
Gorgeous red fiorato beads from Murano   West Aftrican glass & Ethiopian Prayer beads        
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