Our coffee beans are sourced directly from Ethiopia the Birthplace of Coffee and many would say that it is not only the Original but the Best.

Our Fairtrade Coffee is exported direct from the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union in Ethiopia to Australia, avoiding the need for a middleman at the farm gate .    This ensures a sustainable income for growers. With Fairtrade coffee, we also pay an extra premium for which goes back directly to coops for building schools and clinics.    All our Fairtrade coffee is grown on small cottage plots, or picked from the forest, and it is fully Certified Organic.  

Fairtrade is a great idea, and will leave you feeling Caffeinated and Very Righteous at the same time!! Our Sidamo and Harar Fairtrade coffees are considered among the finest Sidamo a smooth washed coffee, while sundried Harar is the world famous mocha, with lots of complex flavours.   

coffee bags   
Ethiopia Gold Fairtrade Sidamo    The new school at Kalenso Makonisa funded by the Fairtrade premiums from our coffee.
Ethiopia Gold coffees:
Fairtrade & Organic Sidamo or Harar Coffee 250g $9.00, 1kg $33 (ground to your specification, or beans)         (wholesale prices also available)


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