The story of OUR coffee

Our wonderful Ethiopian Gold coffee comes to you directly from its birthplace. Legend has it that one thousand years ago the goatherd Kaldi discovered his goats prancing after eating the cherries from the coffee bush, and that the priests then consumed it to stay awake on 24-hour prayer vigils. Today the regional coffee varieties in Ethiopia are amongst the finest coffees in the world.

ethiopia.com.au brings you the Sidamo and Harar regional types – Sidamo from southern Ethiopia, Harar from the east. Sidamo is a very smooth pleasant strong coffee. Harar is a very strong coffee, and the original moca style, and blends superbly with Sidamo.

Our Fairtrade coffee is Certified Organic and Fairtrade Sidamo. Fairtrade guarantees a just return to the grower, as the grower group exports directly to overseas buyers. An additional Fairtrade Premium levy provides extra funds for socially important programs  to the grower cooperatives. Fairtrade is an important way forward to assist with re-aligning trade to bring a just return for poor coffee farmers.

Our coffee is a mild roast, and comes either as whole beans, or ground to your specification.

Fairtrade Sidamo or Harar:         250 gram beans or ground $9.00, 1 kg $33.00 plus delivery.
Email us for delivery prices.

We are happy to supply unroasted coffee if you would like to try your hand at roasting yourself (in a wok, hot oven or a popcorn roaster). Please contact us about prices or samples, or see our Order Form.

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